What is a matchmaking event?

Targeted Business Matchmaking Mitigate risk through laser-targeted business matching. Let’s Discuss Requirements. Business Matchmaking Software provides the optimum platform for suppliers and buyers to connect, build strong relationships, and grow together — before and after an event. This ground-breaking software is power-packed with innovative features enabling small businesses and Suppliers to procure contracts that are product and service relevant and enabling corporations or Buyers to find the right supplier for the job — the first time around. Our latest technology finds targeted matches, allowing for strong connections and leading to intelligent corporate decision-making directly impacting the bottom line of everyone involved. Business Matchmaking Software is built for: Event Planners looking to up-sell business matching with their event management solution Government Agencies wanting to mitigate risk by finding the best possible supplier matches Matchmaker Organizers looking to setup business matchmaking events that deliver results Corporations and Multinationals wanting the power to conduct their own business matching events. How It Works.


It feels like there are so many options out there for B2B appointment scheduling software and it can be so confusing understanding what you need for your event. Do you want a simple calendar scheduling system, much like we all use every day for work? Or perhaps you need more?

Business Matchmaking App Based on Artificial Intelligence. Use the best B2B event matchmaking software for highly targeted networking to generate quality.

MapReduce is a powerful platform for large-scale data processing. To achieve good performance, a MapReduce scheduler must avoid unnecessary data transmission by enhancing the data locality placing tasks on nodes that contain their input data. This paper develops a new MapReduce scheduling technique to enhance map task’s data locality.

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Matchmaking : A new MapReduce scheduling technique. N2 – MapReduce is a powerful platform for large-scale data processing. AB – MapReduce is a powerful platform for large-scale data processing. Matchmaking: A new MapReduce scheduling technique.

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Use the best B2B event matchmaking software for highly targeted networking to generate quality leads and increase the bottom line. Our B2B matchmaking app offers organizers the opportunity to connect buyers with the best-curated list of businesses. It allows small and medium businesses SMB new ways to find dedicated time with corporate and government agencies to demonstrate their products and services.

Our matchmaker software provides capabilities that deliver better networking in a more personalized manner.

Scheduling Contact Information If the person scheduling the matchmaking session is different than the person participating please complete this section.

Marcom eSchedule is a meeting scheduler software solution for hosted buyer programs. Depending on your event size and characteristics, our team will assist you in choosing the right solution. Learn more about our Meeting scheduler Get a Free demo — Ask for a quote. Back to the FAQ main page. Marcom eSchedule is the perfect meeting scheduler for B2B meetings, matchmaking events and hosted buyer program. It is the perfect solution to empower attendees and let them optimize their meeting schedule.

It is suitable for all B2B meeting events as long as all appointment timeslots are the same for all attendees. Numerous industries are using our solutions including education, tourism, sports and many others. Marcom eSchedule is suitable for all sizes of events. Professional Event Planners love our solution as it does save them a lot of time. With Marcom eSchedule, you empower your attendees and provide them with the right matchmaking solution so that they can meet the right partners. As an event organizer, you are able to fully monitor the appointment scheduling process through your back office which comes with numerous reports.

You will also increase your revenue stream by displaying dedicated sponsors on Marcom eSchedule.

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CSS delivers the best-possible schedule to both attendees and exhibitors through a sophisticated algorithm that automates the matchmaking and scheduling process at a holistic level. Give your participants a way to save time and still connect with the right people. Goodbye to missed opportunities and hello to meaningful appointments! The flexible platform is cost effective and effortless to implement because you can use any reg platform and mobile app with it!

Request a demo for your team today. Your team uses our powerful administrative tools to configure your event and set parameters.

The scheduling mode determines how a time and location for a meeting is scheduled. Participants schedule meetings themselves (Default).

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B2B Matchmaking Software

Before you learn about how to submit a job, it is important to understand how HTCondor allocates resources. HTCondor simplifies job submission by acting as a matchmaker of ClassAds. Sellers advertise specifics about what they have to sell, hoping to attract a buyer. Buyers may advertise specifics about what they wish to purchase. Both buyers and sellers list constraints that need to be satisfied.

After you receive email notification that the scheduling period has begun you can proceed to the next step – scheduling bilateral matchmaking meetings. In just a.

Whether in-person or virtual, people go to conferences to network and build relationships, but finding the right people, negotiating a time and place, and then keeping track of it all is hard. From ad hoc meetings to reverse trade show appointments, enable your attendees to find and meet the right people at your event.

Make it easy for attendees to connect with the right people at your event or conference with matchmaking and automatic appointment scheduling. Our flexible system supports multiple meeting styles, including speed dating, preferential matchmaking and interest-based matchmaking. Give your vendors want they want: Qualified leads. At your virtual event, give attendees the chance to explore virtual trade show booths. Contact us today to schedule a personal consultation with one of our event experts, and talk through customizations no matter your event type.

Considering canceling your event due to the coronavirus epidemic? Please see our Virtual Event Platform page for ways to move your event online. Because Meetings Matter. Flexible matchmaking tools Free-busy time views Reservable meeting tables or rooms Hold virtual meetings via Zoom Sponsored meeting suites Rules engine to control who may meet with whom, when and for how long Cross-device, desktop web and mobile interface.

LOMARC — Lookahead Matchmaking for Multi-resource Coscheduling

The scheduling mode determines how a time and location for a meeting is scheduled. Participants schedule meetings themselves Default Participants choose a timeslot when accepting a meeting request. This mode is preferable when you want to make sure that participants know when their meeting will take place the moment when the request is being accepted and when the organiser does not want to go through the process of scheduling meetings.

Organisers schedule meetings manually Organisers will have to manually schedule the meeting with the help of the scheduler a few days prior before the event will take place.

Effective Meetings Management. Participants can tailor their networking experience by requesting, managing and pre-scheduling their meetings before the event.

The smart choice for organizers that want to create an event experience where connectivity is maximized. Our event management focus is to make sure you can leverage the potential of goal-oriented meetings and create an event framework that maximizes connectivity. Gives you full control over your participants and enables you to take action wherever it is needed, in every phase of the event.

Team management and collaboration on event projects made easy with multiple organizer accesses, permissions and role responsibilities. You can import participant lists, contact data sets and send invitations. Configure and adapt everything to perfectly meet the requirements of your event with powerful and ultra-flexible settings. Simply copy your preferred settings for upcoming events.

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