Aria (guitar company)

Aria guitars emerged on the music scene in , with the first electric models appearing five years later. With such a large number of years in production, owners of Aria guitars often want to know what year their guitar was made. Manufacturers included a few clues to help you decide when your Aria was “born. At least for Aria guitars, made by Matsumoku, the serial number contains the year of manufacture in the first 2 digits, thus a guitar from would have a serial number, such as The manufacturing of Aria guitars were subcontracted out to Matsumoku from to To identify the manufacture date of an Aria guitar, first locate the serial number, which is likely located on the back of the neck on an electric or in the body of an acoustic guitar. If a serial number is not present, the guitar was likely manufactured prior to the mids.

Aria Pro II

Just to stir the pot, I’m going to guess your guitar was made in I’m basing this guess on a page description of a catalog in the Aria Archive. It appears the Diamond series was gone by so your instrument was likely just a one year release, hence very little info available. If you are not familiar with the Aria Archive, you can check it out here.

The Aria brand name was changed to Aria Pro II in late , though on all guitars, and some have serial numbers which are not date-coded.

Forgot your password? By teddybear , April 10, in Electric Guitars. I can guess that given the serial number it might be a s Korean made model. But we really need pictures, or a thorough description of its shape, hardware etc. S would seem to indicate Samick, and the 4 I’ve never heard of a pre ’87 Aria having an S serial number.

Technical Details

If you’re looking for an excellent, affordable guitar that is unique, vintage Aria guitars might just be what you need. Aria is a superb company that has a long, interesting history, and it has produced fantastic instruments throughout the years. As Aria notes on its official website , the story of the Aria guitar begins in Japan in s in an apartment where a man named Shiro Arai lived. His friend brought home a classical guitar, and Shiro, not expecting such an instrument, was stunned by its sound.

The Aria brandname was changed to Aria Pro II in late , though this has been used mostly (but not exclusively) for electric guitars.

An Important Instrument Dating Breakthrough developed by Hans Moust author, The Guild Guitar Book Stamped on every potentiometer volume and tone pots is a six- or seven-digit source code that tells who made the pot, as well as the week and the year. The source dating code is an element of standardization that is administered by the Electronics Industries Association EIA , formed in The EIA assigns each manufacturer a three-digit code there are some with one, two or four digits.

The first three digits indicate the com- pany that built the potentiometer. Sometimes these digits may be separated by a space, a hyphen, or a period. The most common company codes are:. Allen Bradley. Bourns Networks. If the code is only six digits long, then the fourth digit is the year code between and If the code is seven digits long, then the fourth and fifth digits indicate the year. The final two digits in either of the codes indicate the week of the year the potentiometer was built.

Dating aria acoustic guitar

Has a jackson styled headstockneck Cannot find anything online. I owned both for years and the Rick was sold in almost new condition. When I finally bought one I was very dissapointed that it didnt sound anywhere near as good as the Hondo. If a serial number is not present the guitar was likely manufactured prior to the mids.

Set up the action and youll have a low action playing guitar just like the real thing. Some say these were made by Tokai but probably made by Matsumoku.

This Aria PRO II HERITAGE Laser Electric bass guitar is in good used condition. SERIAL NUMBER: Electric scooter pro comes with box and paper work? PRO HR is the most powerful and brightest portable dermoscopy tool to date.

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Dating Aria Guitars

User Name Remember Me? Aria Guitar? I have a friend who was given an old acoustic guitar.

It seems from the dating/serial number information found elsewhere on My Aria Pro II TA and PE, and my Vantage Ghost and VSH.

A Aria Pro II Super Bass Elite II bass guitar finished in metallic pearl white, serial number ; the finish to the back of the neck has been carefully stripped, and an additional three-position toggle switch has been added. This bass was used to record demos for the Dio album Dream Evil. Accompanied by the original hard case. Rock ‘N’ Roll. The following terms are supplemental to our Terms of Use and apply to Auctions conducted on the Service and offline by Julien.

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How to Date an Aria Guitar

By chrisd24 , February 15, in Bass Guitars. A bottle of wine and a box of chocolates Sorry, i’ll get my coat! Id say wack some pictures up on here and someone is bound to have a fair idea if the exact date cant be obtained. Six digit serial numbers date from the 70s, covering ’71 through ‘

For me personally that’s interesting, because my Aria Pro II L on all guitars, and some have serial numbers which are not date-coded.”.

World ready indesign plugin cs3 free download. Bottom line: if it plays well and serves your needs, just enjoy it and don’t sweat the dollars and cents. I had thhe Fa jazz box for awhile. It was made well. I ended up trading it and some other stuf for a Gretsch The Aria brand name was changed to Aria Pro II in late , though this has been used primarily but not exclusively for electric guitars. All guitars were made in Japan until , when production of less expensive models was switched to Korea.

In the mids a few models were made in the United States. A TL60 built in has a serial number of while a Bolt built in has a serial number of , and an LB70 bass built in has a serial number of The following chart of serial numbers contains several overlaps in numbers. What follows is a listing of the Aria guitars we’ve been able to trace through this history.